Fake It!

Dear Friends,

I was very touched by your concern for my well-being and my waistline after my excessive consumption of donuts, so I’m going to share with you a diet secret that few know about.

See this oversized burger? It contains not a single calorie.


These colossal ice cream cones are kilojoule free.


And this pavlova, perfect and plus-sized, is guaranteed not to add a single centimetre to your waistline.


What’s my diet secret? Believe it or not, this fabulous food is all fake!

Creating fake food for restaurant window displays known as sampuru is an art form in Japan. These amazingly realistic models, once shaped in wax but now made from plastic, are meticulously made by hand, often to the particular requirements of a restaurant. On Kappabashi-dori, or Kitchen Street, in Tokyo there are fake food shops where you can feast your eyes all day long on sumptuous trays of sushi or delicious looking crepes without putting on any weight.


Now where did I put that donut?



  1. I don’t know Justin, that fake food looks so good, I still might try to take a bite!

    • Well, you will not consume any calories but you might end up with a tummy ache! JB

  2. Put that donut down, Justin!

    • You are SO bossy Yvonne! JB

      • Yes. And, it’s a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.” (Reaching for the ice-cream.)

        • If you’re having ice cream, I’ll be right over! JB

          • No, it’s all gone now. (Quickly gobbling the last few morsels.)

          • 😦

  3. Mexico doesn’t have fake food yet, it’s all too real!

    • Maybe I should avoid Mexico until the effects of all those donuts have worn off! JB

  4. Oh – what a tease! 😉

    • Yes RoSy, but what I didn’t tell you is if you go into the restaurant you can order the real thing, although often it doesn’t look quite as good. JB

      • Ha! But – it’s a good way to get you to come in – eh?


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