Food For Thought…

Dear Friends,

As you know, I love food – especially sweet food. In fact, it would be appropriate to say I am eating my way around the world, and I know from your comments that many of you have joined me in this quest. Yvonne, Elaine, Janet and Leanne also expressed some concerns that I will soon have to buy a larger sized pair of lederhosen! It’s nice to know they care, but fortunately I’m one of those people who can eat anything.

For others an increase in girth can be a real concern, so with your waistlines in mind I have come up with some tips for weight-watching while wandering.

1. Check the ingredients

These cupcakes look amazing and it would be difficult to stop at one. However the ingredients aren’t quite so appetising: goat’s milk, olive oil, clay, lavender, ylang ylang and geranium. These gorgeous creations are actually handmade soap and they’ll nourish your outside but not your insides!


 2. Avoid ugly food

Do you fancy an eyeball or two for dinner? No, neither do I.


3. Don’t eat anything that is smiling at you

When I first saw this enormous ice cream I thought of my travel buddy Manny. But this beaming smile was a turn-off, in the nicest way of course.


4. Avoid difficult choices

Choose a single treat. How can you do this when there is such a variety of deliciousness on offer?

Be strong, and have just one – one every day, that is!



  1. Thank you for those tips. (Sneaking to the pantry to see what might be in the cookie jar.)

    • Yvonne, I hope you think about these tips while you are crunching cookies! If they look nice they are probably safe. JB

  2. Thank you Justin – your tips are very timely as I am currently in New Orleans, where there are temptations round every corner, and along every street! I will bear them in mind for the rest of the trip and hopefully my waistline will not increase too much. 🙂

  3. Hilarious, JB. Mom says when I say naughty words I’ll have my mouth washed out with soap. I wish the soap you showed tasted as good as it looks. 🙂 You do keep your figure well. I never worry. I just don’t wear clothes. Manny 🙂 (I’m already bear, I mean a bear.)

    • I don’t think I will suggest that all my friends take their clothes off Manny. That could be a bit frightening. JB

  4. Ha – Thanks for the tips – JB.

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