Sky High

Dear Friends,

I know what you’re going to say when you see this photo. At first glance it looks like the Eiffel Tower has had a makeover and turned a brilliant shade of orange. Well, you’re sort of right but completely wrong!


This is Tokyo Tower, a communications and observation tower in the centre of Tokyo. Its shape was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, but that’s where the likeness ends. At a height of 333 metres, Tokyo Tower is nine metres taller than the Eiffel Tower. And while the Eiffel Tower weighs a massive 7000 tons, Tokyo Tower is a lightweight in comparison at 4000 tons.


The most striking thing about Tokyo Tower is its fantastic colour, known as international orange. The colour is meant to “set objects apart from their surroundings” and it has been used by NASA for some of its spacesuits. It certainly makes Tokyo Tower stand out.

From the observation deck there are great views of Tokyo.



My favourite view though is through the glass floor, 250 metres down to the ground. Look at all that orange framework.



I wouldn’t like to be the painter.


PS  My Personal Assistant Mrs ET loves towers too! And there are more orange stories here too.




  1. Hi Justin, thank you for telling me about this tower. I’ve never heard of it, if you can imagine that! You are so very lucky to visit so many places! I’m going to read more about this tower on Wikipedia. I’m mostly curious to know when it was built and how long it took to build it. Thanks, Justin! Your faraway friend, Mary

    • Mary, it’s an honour to be considered your friend. I am very lucky to be a world traveller and I love sharing with all my friends. I’m glad you learned something from my story this week! JB

  2. Justin, you look pretty comfortable that high up! My knees would be knocking and especially if I could see down to the ground. You are very brave indeed to those of us who don’t like heights!

  3. Uh Oh – that look down window looks mighty scary to me! Excellent choices for the challenge

    • Thanks Tina. I loved looking down, especially when I knew I couldn’t fall down! JB

  4. Very brave Justin, looking down like that!

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