Into the Blue

Dear Friends,

Since I’ve started travelling the world, I’ve met plenty of superstars and celebrities and, even though I’m famous too, it’s always a thrill when I meet another luminary.

Last week was extra-special because I spent a day with the world’s newest hot shot. He was handsome and sporty and, despite being in constant demand, he was completely down to earth.

Borobi the surfing koala was the mascot for the XXI Commonwealth Games on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. He was larger than life and at first I felt a little dwarfed, but it didn’t take long for us to become the best of friends.

In his role as games mascot, Borobi had a busy schedule. He attended all the sporting events, greeting the athletes and visitors from the 71 countries belonging to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

But when he heard I was at the games too, he took some time out to give me a personal tour of the Borobi Fan Trail, a coastal walk named in his honour.

Β The fan trail started at Broadwater Parklands and followed the coast south for 8.5 kilometres from Southport through Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach. It passed through peaceful parks, over busy bridges and along the esplanades by the beach. We couldn’t escape Borobi’s fame. His image was prolific, appearing all along the walk on bridges and fences and even on the iconic lifeguard towers on the beaches.

The games organisers realised Borobi and I might draw a crowd of enthusiastic fans, and I was impressed by the effort they put in to make sure our day went as smoothly as possible.

We were happy to pose for photographs along the way

and sometimes I took a step back while Borobi enjoyed the limelight.

Our walk finished at the Games Superstore, where everything from t-shirts to toys was decorated with Borobi’s face. While he resumed his role as the Games’ #1 sporting personality, I took the opportunity to leave incognito.

It was nice to let someone else have all the glory for a change!



Join Restless Jo, who never stops walking, for more Monday walks.

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  1. Goodness, he is huge!!

  2. Fabulous! These two are made for each other, Carol πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Enormous fun and I wouldn’t have minded doing that walk myself. Thanks so much for the link!

  3. Justin, you are so gracious! Always putting others first! Good for you! πŸ™‚

  4. Hahaha… love it. What an amazing walk Justin, you must have been chuffed to bits!!

  5. Goodness Justin – what an honour for you to spend so much time with Borobi. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh Justin. That is so exciting. The meeting of two superstars. He is huge and dominates some photos, but you are the real star in our duck eyes. Did he ask for your autograph? You two are terrific together. I bet you had fun at the games.

    • Thank you Ducks! I’m not sure Borobi realised who I was and I let him enjoy his stardom. It may not last long now the games are over. πŸ™‚ Justin.

      • Oh Justin. A true superstar and not trying to grab all the fame. You are our hero. We ducks consider you a leader in our non human bloggers arena. We are awaiting your next adventure.


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