Easy On Sunday Morning – Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning

Dear Friends,

Early one Sunday morning I was strolling along the beach at Brighton-Le-Sands when I saw this sign


out the front of this café.


Even though it was early I didn’t need to be told twice. Dessert for breakfast? Why not?

I found it difficult to choose from the menu. Pancakes or waffles, waffles or pancakes…



So I tried both, and followed them up with a Canadian latte, sweetened with maple syrup. It was a divine dessert-lover’s experience.


If you’re looking for a delicious early morning treat do yourself a favour and go to the Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Café.


Breakfast there makes a good morning into a great morning!




  1. Great. I wouldn`t care if someone brought me a pancake in the morning 🙂

  2. My grandma used to say the exact same thing 🙂

    • Was she a dessert lover too?

      • oh yes. She came back from staying on a friend’s farm one time so proud she’d stopped eating butter on her bread. She’d been having fresh whipped cream instead!
        Her corsets were a wonder!

  3. Justin is gonna find it hard to fit into his leiderhosen if he continues on this path.

    • Mary, I am one of those lucky people who is able to eat anything and not put on weight. If I haven’t grown bigger by now, I’m not going to! JB

  4. I love that philosophy! I often look at the dessert menu first and then, depending on what I’d like to have from it, choose my main course. I usually end up with a light main course so that I can have an indulgent pudding. 🙂

    • Only those with a sweet tooth would understand, Elaine. We are true kindred spirits. JB

  5. CosmopolitanEly

    My motto 😀

  6. CosmopolitanEly

    Reblogged this on Chocolate Spoon & The Camera and commented:
    A motto, and a lifestyle 😉


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