Bright Lights

Dear Friends,

I’m back!

When Becky announced her latest square challenge and invited me to join in, I simply couldn’t refuse. So I’ve come out of retirement to share with you the highlights of my trip to USA with some #brightsquare photos.

As usual, my personal assistant Mrs ET came with me. I’ve mentioned before about her lack of photographic skills. For some reason she never gets the focus quite right. But at least the sparkling bright lights tell you where I was.

The more she practised, the better she got!



  1. Yay, we have a celebrity back amongst us. I am honoured 😀 thank you so much JB, and glad your assistant is improving 😉

  2. Justin!! It’s so good to have you back – I’ve missed you. Poor Mrs ET – her focusing skills are improving, though. 😉

  3. Hi Justin, Manny says hi. He couldn’t believe that he missed getting in the car soon enough and got left behind. What wonderful memories you, Mr. and Mrs. ET have recorded for us. I remember you singing to the crowd. Do you remember doing that? It was pretty noisy with everyone waiting for the fireworks. 🙂

    • Manny must have been asleep on the job that day!

      • He’s always asleep, Justin. He’s a bear and it’s cold. We are just beginning to have warm weather here, so maybe he will nudge himself out of bed and get busy traveling and taking pictures. You’ve inspired me. I’ll wake him soon.

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