Chocolate Love – Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

Dear Friends,

Did you know that Belgium is famous for its chocolate? I knew I was in Belgium when I found a chocolate shop on every corner. It’s heaven for a sweet tooth like me.


It was just too difficult choose from this delicious selection so I settled for a box with one of everything. My friend Manny and I were so excited.


We couldn’t wait to see what was inside.


Excuse us, we have some serious taste-testing to do.




  1. I would love to sample from your photos!!! LOL

  2. What a beautiful display of chocolates. My mouth is watering!!

  3. That looks like a tough job, need some help? 🙂

  4. I want to know what the yellow centred ones are, JB.

    • I ate it so fast I can’t remember – sort of caramel flavour I think! JB

  5. That would mean big trouble for me! Good choice 🙂

    • Never fear Tina. I would make the ultimate sacrifice and eat them all for you! JB

  6. Oh yummy! I am so jealous of you, Justin!

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