Fresh Fruit – Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Dear Friends,

Every café, restaurant and food stall in Tokyo has its display of plastic food in the window, designed to tempt and tease us. Like everyone else in Harajuku, I was drawn to the spectacular array of sweet treats at Santa Monica Crepes. It was as though an irresistible  magnetic force was drawing me in and I just had to have one.



Deciding to have a crepe was the easy part; choosing which crepe was not so easy. There are 60 different fillings on the menu and they all sound divine!


These delectable desserts are made fresh to order. The batter is poured onto a hot plate and the cook skilfully pours, shapes and folds the crepe in a matter of seconds. My crepe was filled with scoops of sweet vanilla and raspberry ice cream, topped with glistening berries and finished off with a tangy berry coulis. Oh my…it looked deeeelicious!

I was so eager to tuck into my crepe I took a bite before my personal assistant, Mrs ET, could get the camera ready, and once she had her photo I polished it off in no time.


Only 59 crepes to go!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh


  1. Looks delicious

  2. 60 crepes? Oh my – what sweet delights and temptations. I have no idea how you managed to make a choice!

    • It was very tricky…easier to decide what I didn’t want than what I did. JB

  3. It’s SO hard to choose a crepe isn’t it! I wanted them all 🙂

  4. my kinda’ colours!

  5. One VERY fat beaver I am guessing after all 60. 😉

    • Jude, I can eat anything and my lederhosen still fit! Lucky me. JB

      • Lucky you indeed! I wish I could… eat anything that is, not wear lederhosen 😉

        • You never know, lederhosen might become your signature look. They look great on me! JB

          • 😀 😀

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