Spinning Around – Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves

Dear Friends,

I’ve told you before about my visit to Copping and the Copping Convict and Colonial Collection. I’ve never seen so many wheels! It was enough to make my head spin.

tasmania 083

I preferred these wheels – they weren’t going anywhere, except on to my plate!

tasmania 062



  1. I have to say JB, those wagon wheels look disgusting!

  2. Oh my dears, you both need to try this recipe. http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/29889/wagon+wheel+slice
    Believe me, you haven’t lived until you eat this slice. I must admit the wagon wheels look a bit garish, but this slice is divine! In Australia you can buy a confectionary called a Wagon Wheel, which is like the bakery ones, except with white marshmallow instead of pink. When Mrs ET was little they were huge, but over the years they have shrunk to half the size. The wagon wheel slice tastes just like a wagon wheel should, but without any splinters! JB

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