Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise!

Dear Friends,

I was travelling along the Arthur Highway heading for the Tasman Peninsula when I came to the small town of Copping. Up ahead a policeman was indicating that I should pull over – was I in trouble? No! I was in for a big surprise. The policeman said, “Justin Beaver, welcome to Copping. You are the most famous celebrity ever to visit our town.”

tasmania 087

I was invited to see the Copping Colonial and Convict Collection, which was amassed over many years by Copping resident Jack Smith.

tasmania 088

Scavenger Jack, as he came to be known, ran the local garage and was well-known for his fascination with and collection of machines and historical artefacts, including many convict items from Port Arthur.

tasmania 079

tasmania 077

Today the building houses Jack’s collection, as well as a gallery and café. I was invited to stay for lunch but when I saw what was on the menu I got another surprise!

tasmania 085

I made my apologies and went on my way. No wallaby lasagne for me, thanks.




  1. .•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Wishing you a safe and very Happy Holidays.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

    • Thank you Jo and Happy Christmas to you. I’ve been yodelling Christmas songs all week!


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