How Sweet It Is

Dear Friends,

Ever since I visited Adriano Zumbo’s pâtisserie at Manly I’ve been dreaming of his amazing zumbarons and incredible cakes. When I found out that not only was I going back to Sydney but I was going to be just a 10 minute drive from the great man’s newest store at Waverley, I was so excited. A cake-lovers expedition was at the top of the weekend’s agenda!


In my imagination I could see myself as Adriano’s right hand beaver: pâtissier extraordinaire, creating decadent desserts for food fanatics everywhere. Perhaps I could create some beaver-inspired zumbaron flavours for his next recipe book…

DSC03586Back to reality: these DIY Zumbo mixes looked easy enough – I was tempted to recreate the chocolate brownies or the salted caramel macarons.


That was until I looked in the cake cabinet. Why bake when the hard work had already been done for me? My lunch menu was decided.

DSC03596First course – lamb and African spice sausage roll – warm, peppery and topped with walnuts.


Second course – Dirty Dani – caramel crème Chantilly, passionfruit crème, salted caramel mou, hazelnut dacquoise, caramel crunch all balanced between milk chocolate plaques. It tasted even more astonishing than it looked.


Third course – zumbarons – choc cherry, mojito, fingerbun, caramel au beurre sale, liquorice…


It’s just as well I don’t live 10 minutes’ drive from any of Adriano’s stores. My lederhosen would soon be bursting at the seams!


Adriano, I’m your number one fan!




  1. JB, I’ve seen him on Australian Masterchef, to which I am addicted big time. You?

    • Mrs ET loves Masterchef. I just love Adriano and his delectable creations! JB

      • It always comes on in September – every day for months. can’t wait.

        • The new season has just started here. It’s a little different Mrs ET says, but she is getting used to it now. JB

  2. I love your little AZ button, JB! Such yummy treats. All your looking is even making my suspenders burst at the seams! 🙂

    • A visit to Zumbo’s and a diet are not compatible Marsha! JB

      • hahaha No visits anywhere and diets are companionable to me, JB. Manny loves to eat, too. His little tummy shows it, too! 🙂 M & M

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