Dressed For Success

Dear Friends,

There’s no doubt about it – Hawaiians are snappy dressers.



Some Hawaiians don’t even need to be dressed to impress,


while others accessorize to perfection.


Even my best buddy Manny got into the spirit with his beautiful shell lei.


I was filled with admiration for the relaxed Hawaiian style and I really wanted to fit in, so I went shirt shopping.



I couldn’t choose, so I bought them both.

Which shirt do you like best?


Weekly Photo Challenge –  Admiration


  1. Oh Justin. The Hawaiians dress well, but you are the star. The flower behind your ear makes you so Hawaiian, and irresistible. Both shirts are good, but on you they are perfect. We, the Colorado Traveling Ducks, definitely prefer the second one, with duck yellow. Manny also looks so Hawaiian with that shell lei. Thanks for sharing your pictures, and be careful of anything served in a glass with an umbrella.

    • Thank you Ducks for the lovely compliment. Would you believe my personal assistant Mrs ET bought that drink and then she didn’t share it with me! Sometimes I think I need to send her to PA school for some training. JB

  2. Hi Justin,
    I think the first shirt has more of the Hawaiian look. But I think that the second shirt is more “you”…glad you got both!

    • Manny brought his friend Darrell, who has a collection of 99 Hawaiian shirts! He inspired me to start my own. I’ll be the hippest beaver in town! JB

  3. As for my favorite: the second one because it has more bold colors in it to remind me of you and all your adventures!

  4. It’s very hard to choose a favourite shirt because I like them both, but if I was forced, I would say the first one. You’re going to look very stylish when you are wearing them.

    • Thank you Elaine. It’s hard to believe I can look even more stylish than I already do, but I believe you’re right! JB

  5. kei

    I like the first one with the purple flower best!

    • They’re all pretty amazing. It’s interesting hearing everyone’s favourites.

  6. Justin, I have to vote for #2. It is so much more manly. Come on beaver, #1 looks like girl’s clothes to me. So that’s why I vote for #1. Manny

    • Make up your mind Manny! Is it #1 or #2 you like? I don’t think you should say that flowery shirts are girly in case Marsha hears you and tells Darrell. He is the King of Hawaiian shirts you know. JB

      • True. I thought I said 2, but you know me and clothes. So unnecessary. I prefer bears! 😀😀😀😄 Get it, JB?

        • Oh Manny, you’re such a worry. JB

          • You know, I think I might have one character flaw. You do seem to see everything on the bright side. Good thing you have me as s friend to worry for you!


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