All My Friends

Dear Friends,

Did you know that Hawaii is the shrimp capital of the world?

I didn’t, until I went there. I met so many different shrimp, each with their own laid back outlook on island life.

There was Surfer Shrimp, who took me on a wild ride over on the North Shore.


Hula Shrimp gave me free dancing lessons.


I even visited the biggest shrimp in the world, at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co.



Chef Shrimp gave me a personal tour of his van at Waimanalo Beach,



and it was here I met the best shrimp of all – Coconut shrimp!


Delicious and nutritious!



  1. When I read you were in Hawaii, I thought for sure we would see you in a lei!

    • I couldn’t find one small enough but I did find a frangipani to tuck behind my ear! JB

  2. I had no idea that shrimp went surfing and could hula dance – I will look at them in a different light now! I think my favourite type of shrimp is also the coconut ones! Yum yum

  3. Hawaiian shrimp must surf and do the hula. However, my taste buds still favor the coconut shrimp. Love following your adventures, Justin.

  4. JB you did not tell me you were such a shrimp fan. I bet we could have had poke shrimp. I’m sure you would have liked that. Coconut shrimp looks delicious. Makes me want to do the Hula I’d be so glad to get some. Shrimp Hugs, Manny.

    • Manny, I heard about Poke from Mrs ET and I think it would be a waste of good shrimp. Coconut shrimp is delicious. Let’s go back so we can have some together! JB

      • I like that idea. They have been stay-at-home sticks recently! They need to take lessons from Mr & Mrs. ET! 😀 I think u might b a better people trainer than I am. Maybe it’s the fancy clothes u wear. I may have to rethink things. Bear over and out! MB

        • I know Mrs ET keeps encouraging them to come over to Australia. Try packing your bag and leaving it at the front door. They might take the hint! JB

          • Good idea. I’m packing tomorrow. Might as well. Dad and Farrell are tearing up the kitchen Friday. I think Mom’s taking me to the museum on Saturday to train me to be a docent. I can’t wait!

          • Excellent! I love doing work experience.

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