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Dressed For Success

Dear Friends, There’s no doubt about it – Hawaiians are snappy dressers. Some Hawaiians don’t even need to be dressed to impress, while others accessorize to perfection. Even my best buddy Manny got into the spirit with his beautiful shell lei. I was filled with admiration for the relaxed Hawaiian style and I really wanted …


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All My Friends

Dear Friends, Did you know that Hawaii is the shrimp capital of the world? I didn’t, until I went there. I met so many different shrimp, each with their own laid back outlook on island life. There was Surfer Shrimp, who took me on a wild ride over on the North Shore. Hula Shrimp gave …

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Watching and Waiting

Dear Friends,  I’ve been whale watching with my old buddy Manny. We sailed on the Ocean Spirit, a sleek catamaran, out into the Auau Channel off the island of Maui. Manny and I were given the job of Official Whale Spotters. We watched and watched and watched until far away in the distance we spotted …

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