Sink or Swim

Dear Friends,

Can you see this sign almost hidden behind the Mr Twirly Ice Cream van at Brown Lake?

mr whippy

When I first saw it from a distance, I was sure it said “Beavers Only”. I was quite excited, because I’ve never been anywhere exclusive before and I thought I was the only beaver in Australia. Perhaps I was about to meet some kindred spirits.

What a shock I got when I went down to the water’s edge. There were no beavers, only people – swimming, fishing and playing beach volleyball, and being very loud about it too.



Didn’t they see the sign?

Lucky I went back to check before I asked them to leave.



Perhaps I need to visit the optometrist.



  1. It was an honest mistake. But just imagine how wonderful it would have been if you had found other members of the Castor family!

    • Yvonne, are you a scientist in your spare time? I am thrilled that you know my family name!

      For a moment I thought I was going to meet up with some long-lost relatives but it wasn’t to be! Just wait for my next story though, because there are beavers galore coming up! JB

      • Oh, cool!!! I love the Castor family, we had some on our farm back in Saskatchewan. ❤

  2. Before I got to the end of the post I was thinking ‘Someone needs to have their eyes tested!’ 🙂 What a shame it didn’t turn out to be a private bathing area for you.

  3. Sam

    Justin a great holiday was had by all 🙂

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