We Are Family!

Dear Friends,

After reading my last letter, my good friend Yvonne commented that I should reconnect with my extended Castor family. This week I was invited to a family reunion and, with Yvonne’s comment on my mind, I was happy to accept.

The love of travel and adventure must run in the family because my distant relatives, the Beaver Brothers, make their living taking tourists on thrilling canoe adventures.


I’d like you to meet them all.

This is Uncle Beaver. He is the boss of the family business and in his spare time he loves fishing. I’m guessing by the look of him that he loves eating too!


And here are my cousins. They all work in the family business.

Cousin 1 keeps watch in case anyone falls out of the canoe.


Cousin 2 is charged with checking for holes in the canoe. With those teeth, he could easily create a few holes.


As for Cousin 3, please don’t ask me what he is doing. This is all I saw of him the whole time I was there! How rude!


Uncle Beaver asked if I’d like to join the family business but I’ve decided to stick with what I know best.


Yodelling and eating cake are where my talents lie!




  1. Looks like you have a very BIG family there Justin!

  2. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your family album. I think I like the softer look better that you inherited!

  3. What an excellent family reunion. (Can I call it a reunion when this is the first time you met this branch of your family?)

    • Good question! You had me stumped there for a while, until I looked up the meaning of reunion in the dictionary. One meaning is “the action of being brought together as a unified whole” so I guess, technically, we can use the term reunion in this particular case.

      However, with those teeth and that bottom in the air, “hole” might be more appropriate than “whole” I think! JB

  4. Your Uncle Beaver looks a bit – how can I put this delicately? – ursine. Did your ancestors have interesting adventures in the gene pool?

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