Slow Boat

 Dear Friends,

You know how much I enjoy doing work experience. It’s great fun to spend a day in someone else’s shoes. But sometimes it’s good to sit back and let that person just get on with it. That’s what Manny and I thought when we sailed from Bruges to Damme on the paddle boat Lamme Goedzak.


We had seats with a first class view of the tree lined Damse Vaart.


We couldn’t help ourselves though and decided to help the captain just a little, by keeping watch in case anyone fell overboard.


When he noticed how helpful we were, the captain invited us onto the bridge. We figured he needed someone to watch out for other vessels on the canal.


Now I can add ship’s captain to my CV!



Weekly Photo Challenge – On The Way


  1. It looks like it was very quiet on the canal, so your trip must have been quite relaxing – no-one falling overboard, and no other boats getting in the captain’s way.

  2. He was actually looking out for any of his relatives who might have been swimming in the canal!

    • He didn’t mention that Denzil, but you might be right. We didn’t see any swimmers though, only Mr ET’s hat which blew off his head and landed in the water! JB

  3. Bravo! I truly enjoy your photos sense of humor, irony and fun. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Haha, well they look very content sat there watching the river go by!

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