Ain’t That Peculiar?

Dear Friends,

Manny and I should have known something was up the day we went to the Natural History Museum in London. All the signs were there but we weren’t very observant. We were much too excited for our own good!


There were some very strange creatures hanging around outside. They were all smiling, but not in a nice way.




In Hintze Hall we met Dippy the Diplodocus. He was larger than life and very skinny. We wondered how long it had been since he had a good meal.


This bony fellow seemed a bit the worse for wear too. I think he’d seen better days.


Even the great man himself, Charles Darwin, was looking a little pasty. I introduced myself as a fellow world traveller with a passion for learning but our conversation was definitely a one-sided affair.


Lucky I had Manny to keep me company.


The Natural History Museum is not for the faint-hearted!


My personal assistant, The Eternal Traveller, travelled to the centre of the earth at the Natural History Museum. Sometimes she is very brave!


  1. I think the Natural History building is fantastic – the shapes, colours of the bricks, the gargoyles etc are wonderful. There’s also lots of little details in the brickwork and round the windows of small creatures and sea creatures I seem to remember. Inside is marvellous too. I’ve heard, recently, that Dippy is to be removed and replaced with something else.

    • Oh no! Where will Dippy go? I wonder if Mrs ET would let him come and live with us. JB

      • Here’s an interesting article about what is going to happen to Dippy, when he is replaced by a blue whale skeleton in the summer of 2017, but maybe you could send in a request for him to come and live with you.

        • Dippy would fit right in at our place. I’m definitely going to ask him to visit, but I think I might not tell Mrs ET just yet. Won’t it be a lovely surprise for her to come home and find him in the back yard! JB

  2. Ooh, so many teeth and claws. You know, I always thought the diplodocus had 2 brains, one of which controlled it’s very long tail. But a tiny search revealed I was so wrong all these years. Here’s what I found, I hope you enjoy it. (There are big words, your PA might help you with them.)

    • Very interesting reading Yvonne. Lucky you and I don’t need an extra brain! We are super-intelligent enough as it is. JB

  3. She is very brave indeed. You are too, Justin. Wasn’t that a grand old time? Cheerio, old man. Manny

    • Manny, what’s this old man business?? We are all young at heart. JB

      • Just a saying, my dear sir. Don’t you remember my English accent? How quickly we forget. 🙂 Manny

        • Well, that’s okay then. I thought you might have been casting aspersions on my youthful appearance! I will have to practise my American accent for January. JB

          • Yes, but we don’t have an accent, JB. We talk normal. It’s you that has the accent. I’m surprised that you didn’t recognize my British accent. Don’t you remember when we were together and all those Brits laughing at us trying to imitate them as we stood in the queue?

          • When I yodel I have no accent. It’s like singing. Mrs ET tells me I sound more like an Aussie every day!

  4. Nice to see Manny hangin’ out with you JB. 🙂 🙂

    • Manny and I are best buddies and we have so much in common. We love to travel, we love chocolate and we love Marsha! Did you know I get to meet Marsha next January? I am very excited. JB

      • Oh – lucky you!

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