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Ain’t That Peculiar?

Dear Friends, Manny and I should have known something was up the day we went to the Natural History Museum in London. All the signs were there but we weren’t very observant. We were much too excited for our own good! There were some very strange creatures hanging around outside. They were all smiling, but not …


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You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth – Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters

Dear Friends, When I’m in London I love seeing the big, red buses. They’re instantly recognisable and famous around the world: just like me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on the side of a bus. They must have known I was in town! Justin.

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Streets of London – Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

Dear Friends, One of the most exciting thing about London is the atmosphere on the streets. I met these three interesting fellows on a street near Covent Garden: The first was very dapper, in a metallic kind of way. The second really did look old and established. I think he’d been standing on that street for a very long time. …

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All These Strangers

Dear Friends, I am a long-time fan and follower of Russell’s The Top 10 of Anything and Everything. His posts always leave me either laughing or starving, depending on whether he’s featuring animals or desserts. This one from last week gave me inspiration for a story of my own about meeting unusual creatures. The town of Damme …

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Me and My Friends – Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

Dear Friends, Adventure travel writer Tim Cahill once said: “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” On my latest journey I was privileged to meet three followers of my blog who have also become my friends. Cath lives in Singapore and is the creator of Lizzie Rose Jewellery. She is an accomplished crafter …

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London Calling – Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual POV

Dear Friends, London is a very big place. With a population of nearly nine million and a land area of 611 square miles, it’s easy to feel dwarfed here. But I have managed to find some things that are just my size. Small is beautiful. Justin.

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