A Little Less Conversation

Dear Friends,

I’ve been quite surprised in the past when people have come up to me and introduced themselves as fans and followers. It’s usually a very pleasant experience and I come away feeling like I’ve made a new friend. Last week I met someone who was so excited he just couldn’t stop talking.


Here is how the conversation went:

“When I heard Justin Beaver was going to be in town, I felt all shook up. I decided it’s now or never and I should follow that dream. You’ve always been my good luck charm and if I wasn’t first in line and missed this opportunity it would be always on my mind. I wore my blue suede shoes specially for you. Now that I have met you I am in awe of the wonder of you and I feel like I’m on the edge of reality or coming down with a fever. This is the best day of my life. I’ll remember you forever. This is my heaven!”

Phew! I couldn’t get  a word in.

When he finally left, I heard him say “That’s someone you never forget.” I won’t forget him in a hurry either.




  1. what a great photo JB – it’s good t take heed of the wise (and stay off the burgers).

    • And I won’t be having any peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwiches either. JB

  2. I would have been so start struck. And – then I would have turned white as a ghost. 🙂

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