Dear Friends,

Signs tell us information, give us warnings and send us in the right direction. Road signs often use a picture to convey a safety message – no words needed.

I’ve been collecting photos of interesting road signs but I’m not sure for whom some of them are intended. Is it the road user or the pedestrian?

Why did the ducks cross the road?


To prove they weren’t chickens.

Why did the horse cross the road?


To visit his neigh-bours.

Why did the kangaroo cross the road?


To get a new jumper.

Why did the emu stop in the middle of the road?


To lay it on the line.

Why didn’t the wombat cross the road?


Because it was too fur.

Why did the snake cross the road?


To get to the other ssssssssssside.

Why did the beaver cross the road?

To get away from all the bad jokes!




  1. Groan! 🙂

  2. My four-year-old grandson liked the signs, and my daughter and I really laughed at the emu joke. Thanks for the humour from Oz!

  3. Oh Justin, you’re so punny!

  4. Very good Justin! I hadn’t heard some of those jokes before, so I can add them to my list now! 🙂

  5. Road signs have always amused me–these were good ones!

    • I thought so, and quite unique. You wouldn’t see an emu or a wombat crossing the road anywhere else! JB

  6. Aargghh! I’m not surprised! I couldn’t stop reading the jokes even though I knew I should! Hope you didn’t encounter any snakes (or is that a silly thing to say in Australia)?

    • Luckily I didn’t see any snakes for real, thank goodness, only the ones on this sign. I was very careful about where I was walking though. JB

      • Glad to hear that. Were you singing as well, to scare them off?

        • I didn’t think of that. Probably best not to bring attention to myself in that situation!

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