Sugar Sugar!

Dear Friends,

While I was in Sydney there was one place I really wanted to visit – Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie at Manly. Adriano has been my hero ever since I first set eyes on his croquembouche. This meant that I also got to ride on the famous Manly ferry across Sydney Harbour, another thing on my wish list. It was great to feel the sea breeze in my hair.

Once I was at the patisserie I had a big problem…how could I possibly choose from all the delicious morsels that were for sale? My sweet tooth got the better of me and I almost bought more than I could carry away.

I found a lovely spot on the beach front and spread out my delicious feast.

To my horror I discovered that someone had sat on my butterscotch and caramel macaron.  At least it was still in its packet and I didn’t let its squashed appearance put me off. It was scrumptious.

I spent several happy hours indulging my passion for the sweeter things in life and enjoying all that Manly has to offer.

Macarons rule!


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