All My Own Stunts!

Dear Friends,

There’s nothing more fun than revealing your inner child in a playground. When Manny and I came across this wonderful park in Frankfurt we revisited our childhoods and our imaginations ran riot. This park was a dream come true with swings, slides and even a Viking ship and we decided to try them all.


First we rode the bucking broncos.

Then we were fierce Viking warriors sailing off to battle.


After that we became bold stunt daredevils. The view from the top of the super high slide was great and we were the kings of the world.



Unfortunately that was where everything came unstuck! It was all downhill from there, in more ways than one. These action shots tell the story!



I won’t be filling Evel Knievel’s shoes any time soon.


PS I’ve been to these playgrounds too.


  1. Oh, boy. How did you get the sand out of your coat? You didn’t get a nosebleed, I hope.

    • Luckily I survived unscathed and the sand was easily removed. Thanks for caring. JB

  2. So brave Justin! Did your assistant, Mrs ET, also try out the activities?

    • Mrs ET was too busy taking lots of photos of us to have a go herself. She’s not a daredevil like Manny and me so she probably wouldn’t have climbed up to the top of that slide anyway. I saved her the effort! JB

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