Welcome to Mystery

Dear Friends,

Don’t you just love these guys? They are sweet and sassy at the same time and I’ve been following them on television for years. It was very exciting to meet them in person.

There were some other creatures with them and I still don’t know quite what or who they were. At first I thought Yellow’s friend was a hedgehog. He looked like a hedgehog and Yellow was handling him with great care.


Now look at Red. His hedgehog-like thingy seems to be caramel-filled and, judging by the smile on his face, it was certainly tasty. He didn’t offer to share either.


How mysterious. I wonder if I missed out on a special treat.

Can anyone enlighten me?




  1. that spikey thing is a durian. although I find it sweet and fleshy, it’s very much acquired taste (and smell! crack one open and you’ll be able to smell it for a good 100 feet!) 😀

    • That is very interesting. These M&Ms were in Singapore so maybe that’s why they had them. Do durians usually have faces? JB

      • aha! I thought the geolocation of your shots was somewhere in Southeast Asia.

        Durians don’t usually have faces, but I suppose if they did, they might look like hedgehogs. 😀 😀 😀

  2. I think I missed out. I haven’t seen anything like that in China yet. Manny xxx

  3. awww what fun and also how unusual!

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