Chicken On The Run

Dear Friends,

Most of you will already know about my fear of birds and some of you may think it’s a little irrational. (If you read this story you might have a better understanding!) I am determined to overcome this feathered phobia – let’s face it, the birds are not going anywhere. So when I saw these harmless-looking hens foraging in the grass one afternoon I decided to wing it and face up to my fear.


At first they tried to pretend I wasn’t there.


So I took a deep breath and walked right up to this chicken to introduce myself. She didn’t see me coming until the last minute and I nearly scared the feathers right off her.


Being friendly was a lost cause after that. Those hens couldn’t get away fast enough. Their feathers really were ruffled.


I don’t know what they were afraid of…I’m the one with the phobia!

This has been a life-changing experience and I’m sure I will cope much better the next time I meet a bird. I won’t be watching any Hitchcock movies though…there is only so much fowl play a beaver can take.



  1. Way to go in facing your fears Justin! 🙂 I’ll go now and read your story of why you fear birds.

    • Thank you JG. I think I’m getting stronger especially now that I’m boosting myself with lots of chocolate. JB

  2. You are very brave, Justin, to face your fears like that. Perhaps next time you see a flock of birds you will feel calmer and won’t get into a ‘flap’. 😉

  3. Watch out JB, the birds might just be lulling you into a false sense of security!


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