Turning Japanese

Dear Friends,

Japanese gardens are representations in miniature of the harmony in nature. Being small in stature and naturally harmonious, I was keen to visit the Japanese Garden at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart to see how well I fitted in.


This cherry tree next to the gate was loaded with delicate pink blossoms. In Japan cherry blossoms symbolise the transience of life.


Japanese gardens always feature water and stone – the ying and yang, two opposites which complement and complete each other, while bridges symbolise the path to paradise.



I felt like I was in paradise in this tranquil place…




 …until I met these ducks and realised I didn’t fit in at all. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying – they must have been Japanese!





  1. Go JB. When are you back from your extensive travels?

  2. mrsc, I am on an interisland ferry as I write this, sailing from Picton to Wellington. I’ve never been to sea before but it turns out I’m an excellent sailor. Next I’m heading to Rotorua for a few days. JB

  3. It looks very interesting Justin – and peaceful.

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