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D is for Danger – Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure

Dear Friends, As you know, adventure is my middle name. If there’s something exciting happening I’ll be right there ready to join in, and if I’m adventuring with friends it’s even better. But there is a limit to how adventurous I’m prepared to be, not like some people who go in for extreme activities and then get into trouble. It …


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Climb Every Mountain

Dear Friends, I’ve been on top of the world this week…well, on top of Australia at least. I climbed the highest mountain in the country, Mt Kosciuszko! At an elevation of 2,228 metres Mt Kosciuszko is nowhere near the height of other peaks around the world. It’s part of the Great Dividing Range, one of …

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Danger Zone – Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

Dear Friends, Although I am travelling around the world I’m an alpine beaver at heart and one of my favourite pastimes is walking in the mountains. I’ve been looking forward to some alpine hiking in New Zealand and the Rob Roy Glacier walk was the perfect choice…or so I thought until I began reading the …

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