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Inside Looking Out – Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

Dear Friends, As Manny and I strolled down this narrow, deserted street in Bruges late one afternoon we wondered who lived in these lovely houses. Then a particular sign on the wall caught our attention. Our curiosity got the better of us and we just had to take a peek inside. Manny was beary excited! Justin.


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Rainy Day Blues

 Dear Friends, Manny and I were enjoying a peaceful stroll along the beach in Blankenberge when we came across row upon row of little houses. These quaint beach huts were all different in one small way or another. Some were colourfully painted, others had verandas and there were even a few with decorative windows. We …

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Up On The Roof – Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

Dear Friends, As you know I hail from the Bavarian Alps and I’ve never been afraid of heights. In fact I love being up high looking down at the view. So when Manny and I arrived in Frankfurt our first stop was the highest vantage point in the city. At 200 metres, the Main Tower …

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We Like To Party!

Dear Friends, You know how it is when you go to a party and take the time to do some people-watching? There are always several different types of party animals to observe. 1. The greedy guests: They like to hang out where the food is and make sure they sample everything on the table. 2. …

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Hangin’ Around

Dear Friends, I’ve been hanging around with a new friend this week. We’ve been swapping adventure stories and his tales are amazing enough to rival mine. But since he started talking about singing crickets, blue fairies and boys who turned into donkeys I’ve begun to think he is stringing me along. He said that it …

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The Year of the Fan – Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

Dear Friends, 2012 was the year I began sharing my travels, and along the way I have met so many admirers – family and friends, strangers who have become friends and even the Queen! I still get that warm fuzzy feeling when people ask to have their photo taken with me. My fan club grows larger …

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