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Will The Real Christmas Tree Please Stand Up!

Dear Friends, Once upon a time I would have said, “Seen one Christmas tree, seen ‘em all.” But that was before I noticed a strange phenomenon in the shops this year – a whole new variety of trees. I’ve been doing some research  on decorated trees and found out that these ones belong to the same species as the usual …

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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dear Friends, In sunny Queensland Christmas is anything but white. It’s 30° C and blindingly bright, with not a snowflake to be seen.  For those wishing to cool off a little here is a snowy Christmas tableau.  Happy Christmas from Frosty, Santa and me! Justin.

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Here’s to You, Mrs Carmichael!

Dear Friends, On Christmas Eve I decided that it was time I introduced myself to Santa Claus, another world famous traveller. I’d heard that he was going to be in town so I went out to meet him. But when I got to his office, he wasn’t there! The sign said “Out to lunch”. How …

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