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Crazy Train

Dear Friends, One thing I’ve learned since I began travelling the world is that it’s good to take risks and go where no beaver has gone before. Even I have a limit though and I reached it when I rode on the Scenic Railway in the beautiful Blue Mountains. The Scenic Railway is the steepest …


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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Dear Friends, While I was visiting the Blue Mountains I heard that Leura was the place to go to see spectacular gardens. I don’t profess to having green thumbs but I enjoy spending time in beautiful surroundings, so I went on the train from Katoomba to Leura to see for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. When …

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Shake Your Tail Feather

Dear Friends, As you know I’m fond of my fellow creatures, be they feathered, furred or finned, but while I was in the Blue Mountains I had one encounter that was a little too close for comfort when I decided to ride the Scenic Skyway at Scenic World. The Skyway travels 720 metres across the Jamison …

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Go tell it on the Mountain

Dear Friends, When I decided to spend some time in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, I was told that I would enjoy seeing the Three Sisters. This sounded intriguing and you can probably imagine my anticipation! I arrived in Katoomba and went straight to Echo Point where I’d heard the sisters would be waiting …

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