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Count On Me

Dear Friends, With my background as a member of the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service I am definitely an outdoors type of beaver. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Bear Grylls. He always knows just what to do in any situation and his survival skills are amazing. To upgrade my own survival skills to …

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Dear Friends, I was looking back through all my letters to you and I realised that I needed to add a new category to my sidebar. It’s called “Famous People Who’ve Met Me”. The list of celebrities who have my autograph seems to grow every week. Do you remember when I had drinks with Humphrey, …

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The Bear Necessities

Dear Friends, This week while I was in Rotorua in New Zealand I overheard a conversation between two excited tourists. They’d heard that there was a celebrity in town, a real life action man. I was about to go up to them and introduce myself when they said that the celebrity was going to be …

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