Life in the Fast Lane

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday, I learned from the Colorado Traveling Ducks that it was National Squirrel Appreciation Day.  After meeting a fleet-footed squirrel in Manchester, I definitely have an appreciation for their speed and agility.

Did you know a squirrel moves fast? If you blink you’ll miss it.

That’s what almost happened to me.

I was admiring the view out of our Airbnb window when I thought I saw something moving. But, when I looked a second time, there was nothing there and I decided I was mistaken.

Then I saw it again.

Sure enough, it was a squirrel. He stopped just long enough on the wall for a single clear photo before he took off again.




The cheeky little guy was stealing nuts from a bird feeder in the tree,


and he wasn’t staying put long enough to share with anyone.


I was entranced, and watched for ages as he went back and forth.


His agility and graceful tail left me feeling a little envious,


until I remembered I never need to work that hard for my breakfast.


Thank goodness for that!




  1. Hi Justin. We are glad you like squirrels also. They are fast and cute. They come to our patio and beg in the winter. We only feed them if the ground is covered with snow, but they are so cute. Love your pictures of squirrel, and of you.

    • I love seeing a squirrel but I wouldn’t want to get too close. I’d be worried they’d take a fancy to me and carry me away! JB

  2. Squirrels are also very clever and persistent. They will keep finding a way to invade your bird feeder, especially when you go to lengths to keep them out!

    • Hi Debbie. This cheeky guy had friends and they were very persistent. I’m surprised there was anything left in the bird feeder. JB


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