Bite Me

Dear Friends,

I never thought the time would come when I wanted to do some work experience but didn’t get the job. It’s my own fault though. I’m just too debonair for my own good!

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant on the Gold Coast was advertising for cast members and I decided to audition. With my yodeling skills and my flashy dress sense, I thought I would complement the cast perfectly.



I must admit I saw the signs early on. The dancing skeletons, creepy chandeliers and chocolate coffins should have rung warning bells,




but my pride got the better of me and I persevered.

I tried on a glitzy costume.


I posed with the cast members.


I even thought about growing a beard.


Finally I came to the sad conclusion it was something I just couldn’t get my teeth into!


It would have been fun though.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant



  1. Oh Justin. You are far too talented and classy to be in that cast. However, eating your way out of a chocolate coffin could be fun–and satisfying. When the right opportunity comes along, you will be ready, but until then, enjoy cruising. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • CT Ducks you are so kind! It was worth the effort, just to eat that chocolate coffin. It was delicious. JB

      • Sounds so enticing, and appetizing. Maybe a new Halloween candy? You are our adventurous hero, Justin. Eagerly awaiting your next employment adventure. Although hard to beat your ice cream job.

        • Yes, I agree. The ice cream job was the best. I’m heading off to England soon so perhaps I will find some more interesting things to try out. JB

  2. Dear Justin,
    Good for you for trying! I’m pleased you are taking your disappointment so well!
    PS About your post title…are you aware that in the U.S. that phrase is offensive…kind of like a swear word…that your mother might give you a time-out for saying! 😯 Just a heads-up in case you are ever in the U.S.!!! 😉 💖

    • Oh dear, Mary. Have you noticed that my post titles are always song titles, because I am a master yodeler and I love singing? This one is by Weird Al Yankovic. JB

  3. Great adventures!

  4. Justin… It is fun to dream!

  5. The glitzy costume suits you very well, but I think perhaps a couple of sizes smaller would be better. 🙂 The chocolate coffin does, indeed, look very tasty.

    • I’m not sure if this outfit is my style but I couldn’t resist trying it on for fun. Who would have thought a coffin would taste so good? 😀JB


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