Love (and Ice Cream) On Top

Dear Friends,

 With one quick glance at this photo you might think I’m sitting on a snow clad mountain back in the Bavarian Alps.

P1110733 - Copy

But when I add more detail you can see that what you thought was snow is actually ice cream. Yes, those are giant scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped off with a huge red cherry.


And the mountain I’m perched on top of is not of the hard rocky kind. It’s a mountain of pancakes, drenched in warm caramel sauce!


It’s only when you have all the details that you can fully appreciate this amazing spectacle. Imagine going into a pancake parlour, placing your order and having a stack like this arrive on your plate!

Would you be able to eat it all?


Weekly Photo Challenge – Details



  1. Oh Justin. It is hot in Denver and that ice cream looks wonderful. I, Zeb the Duck, would eat some pancakes, but definitely all of the ice cream! I want some now. This is a great idea!

    • Zeb, maybe between you, me, the other ducks and your friend Channel the Bear we could polish the whole lot off! It’s worth a try. JB

  2. I love the whimsy. 🙂

  3. You fooled us all, I think.

  4. You know I could, Justin. I could eat three plates full! Bears get awfully hungry. That was kind of a trick you tried to pull on us, though, old chap. You’re funny, my furry friend. Manny

    • Manny, I knew you would see right through my tricky photo. You are too clever when it comes to pancakes. JB

      • I could smell the ice cream from California. Pancakes are way too easy. I could almost make out the type of cherry.

  5. Add some chocolate and I would be willing to give it a try!

    • Debbie, chocolate would be the perfect finishing touch. We are truly kindred spirits. JB

  6. Great story and twist. Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Now I like pancakes, and I like ice cream but I would be very hard pressed to make any kind of impression in a portion of this size!


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