Opposites Attract

Dear Friends,

Last week I went on a cruise with my personal assistant Mrs ET. While she was gallivanting around the ship, I spent my time watching the world go by and making new friends.


Meet Mr Penguin and Mr Elephant.



We had plenty in common: a love for travel and a keen sense of adventure. But at the same time there were some interesting differences. Mr Penguin is a snappy dresser like myself, but he wore the bare minimum. Mr Elephant didn’t enjoy the ocean views and always sat with his back to the window. (I think he had a delicate constitution.)

Mr Penguin and Mr Elephant had their own personal assistant, James. He was responsible for making sure they always looked their very best.


He certainly did a wonderful job.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites



  1. Love your photos Justin and you look terrific. Looks like you had the best view of the world.

  2. That’s a great life you lead, Justin. ❤

    • Someone has to do it Yvonne and it may as well be me. 😀 The lucky one is Mrs ET. She gets to come with me and sometimes she even brings Mr ET as well. JB

  3. Sam

    Hi interesting to see the ‘cruise’ from you perspective ‘Justin’ 🙂

  4. You have some great adventures – those personal assistants of yours must be exhausted with all the travelling you do! Mr Penguin and Mr Elephant look very dapper but I am surprised that Mr Elephant doesn’t like to look out of the window – what a lovely view he is missing.

    • Mr Elephant wasn’t as strong as he looks. He’s a bit like Mrs ET and doesn’t like watching the water moving. I could look out there all day!

      • Actually, now I think about it I couldn’t watch the water moving for very long. Last time I did that was in a small fishing boat and I felt very queasy!

  5. Justin… you meet new friends everywhere!


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