Watching and Waiting

Dear Friends,

 I’ve been whale watching with my old buddy Manny. We sailed on the Ocean Spirit, a sleek catamaran, out into the Auau Channel off the island of Maui.

Manny and I were given the job of Official Whale Spotters.

We watched


and watched


and watched


until far away in the distance we spotted a telltale water spout.

Whale up ahead!


The boat isn’t allowed to go closer than 100 metres, but this whale was very friendly and he came up to us. Isn’t he a beauty!


Instead of watching whales on the way back to the boat harbour at Lahaina, Manny and I watched the captain.


We learned how to steer the boat and read the instruments. It’s very complicated.




When we got the boat safely back to shore, we received the Captain’s seal of approval – Whale Watchers Extraordinaire.


We made a new friend who wanted to come home with us.


But he wouldn’t fit into our bag!


PS My Personal Assistant Mrs ET and Marsha Lee came whale watching with us.



  1. Brilliant! Your writing is fantastic, Justin. You need to write a book. Your Friend, Manny.

    • Wouldn’t that be a thrill. It was fun to do this with you Manny. JB

  2. So darn sweet!!!

  3. Looks like it was a great day to make new friends with people and whales!

  4. Justin I love reading of your adventures. I, Zeb the Duck, love whales and boats, too. I look forward to reading about more your adventures.

  5. We went whale watching recently too – I think I would have enjoyed it even more if you and Manny had been in charge!

  6. Hilarious. What an asset you are, Justin! 😀


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