Crocodile Rock Part 2

Dear Friends,

After visiting Walkabout Creek Hotel, I was inspired to take up a new career as a crocodile hunter. Mick Dundee makes it look so easy in the movie.

First I had to find some crocodiles.


Even though there were plenty of warning signs, I didn’t spot a single croc until I got to Windjana Gorge in the Kimberleys; and then I got more than I bargained for!


There were crocs everywhere.




That scaly skin, those prehistoric tails and those teeth…I just couldn’t bring myself to go too close.


I’m certain this one was sizing me up as a potential meal and I wasn’t sure I would be able to run fast enough if he decided it was dinner time. I didn’t stay long enough to find out!


I felt like a failure until I met this friendly fellow in Broome a few days later.


He just wanted to show off his amazing smile and he assured me he wasn’t hungry.


Maybe he didn’t want to pick fur out of his teeth!




  1. Ooh, what an adventure you’ve had! I like the Broome critter much more than those other hungry fellas.

    • Me too Yvonne! I would not have been game enough to go so close to the Windjana crocs. They gave me the creeps. JB

  2. You are very brave to get so close to that crowd of crocs – close enough to see them but not so close that you couldn’t get a good head start if one of them decided it fancied a snack.

  3. Great photos Justin. Think I saw these same crocs. Love our adventures and look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Ducks! It’s great to meet fellow world travellers. Did you get the feeling the crocs were sizing you up as a potential meal too? JB

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