Come Fly With Me

Dear Friends,

You know how much I love doing work experience. It’s great fun to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day.

When I went flying with Sam from Kingfisher Tours at Kununurra, I thought my secret ambition to be a pilot was about to be fulfilled.



We were going to fly this six seater Cessna 210. It was such a small plane – how hard could it be?


I had visions of sitting up front and maybe even taking over the controls under Sam’s watchful eye. We may have been in a tiny plane but it turned out size was to be my downfall.

I was too small to sit in the front seat next to Sam. This big guy sat there.


I was even too small to sit in the middle.


My seat was right up the back


which turned out to be not such a bad thing. The view was fantastic.

So instead of piloting, I sat back and let Sam do his job. We flew over Kununurra and the mighty Ord River,


along the vast expanse of Lake Argyle


and over the ancient beehive stone formations of the Bungle Bungles at Purnululu National Park.


Perhaps instead of being a pilot I should take up aerial photography.

Looking out the window was an easy skill to master.


See more of our flight over the Kimberleys over at The Eternal Traveller


  1. For even more excitement, you could be a “wing walker.” Unless of course, you don’t like heights!

    • Oh Debbie, why didn’t I think of that! I’m always up for a challenge. I love heights. I come from the Bavarian Alps so I was born up high!

  2. Justin! I have missed you! It looks like you have been busy though, having more exciting adventures. I think I would also have preferred to have a great view and take photos rather than flying the plane. The pilot probably had to keep his eyes on the controls most of the time (well, I would hope so anyway) and would miss the stunning views.

    • Sam was doing both but I suppose he’s had a lot of practice. I think you’re right Elaine, it worked out for the best this time.

  3. What model is this airplane? From my angle it looks like a cross between a Cessna C-208 and a Cessna C-206/T-206…two awesome airplanes by the way.

  4. C-210, is that the one called the Centurion?

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