Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen something that is larger than life and been a little disappointed? Do you remember when I went to the Big Banana hoping to find the biggest banana split on record, only to have my dreams dashed?

It was a sad day.

Thankfully my belief in bananas has been restored – by none other than Choco Narnars, the friendliest banana in the world.


Mr Narnars, or Choco to his friends, lives in Port Douglas in far north Queensland. He has a stall at the markets every Sunday at Anzac Park where he sells scrumptious, chocolate-dipped frozen bananas. One of his bananas is the perfect treat in the tropical climate of the north.


His curvy yellow treats are not only delicious, they are also very good for you. They are organic and with their crunchy choc topping you get your daily serve of fruit and dairy all in one.


What more could you ask for?

A banana dance…that’s what!





  1. Oh Justin, how I wish I liked bananas because Mr Choco Narnars looks such fun!

    • Elaine, he might be able to convert you!

      • I used to love bananas, and at them quite often, but my body decided some years ago that bananas were not to its liking, so I stopped eating them. Maybe he could persuade me to try again!

        • Were they chocolate dipped? If not, maybe that was the problem Elaine. Mr Narnars could definitely help you with that. JB

  2. I could eat just about anything dipped in chocolate, because chocolate is that good, especially dark chocolate!

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