I Feel The Earth Move

Dear Friends,

Did you feel the earth move last week? If you live on the mid north coast of Queensland you might have, because there have been eight earthquakes in the last week, with the strongest at magnitude-5.7. Luckily they were well off the coast so there’s been little damage.

Where I live we didn’t feel the earthquakes at all, but in case we do have one I’m prepared!

I’ve been to earthquake training at the Ikebukuro  Life Safety Learning Centre in Tokyo. The centre, run by the Tokyo Fire Department, offers free training sessions on what to do if an earthquake strikes.





I had to memorise all these instructions before receiving my certificate from the teacher.


The earthquake simulator left me feeling very shaky and the post-earthquake display was a little too realistic for my liking.


I hope I never have to put my knowledge into practice.



  1. Forewarned is forearmed, Justin, and it is excellent that you have done this training just in case you and the ET family should ever need it. Thank you for posting – I will try and memorise it too – you never know! 🙂

  2. It’s good to have this knowledge Elaine. I think the most difficult instruction to follow would be “Keep calm”!

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