(Chocolate) Love On Top!

Dear Friends,

Does your heart sing when you hear the tinkly music of the Mr Whippy van coming up the road? Where I live, he comes not just in summer but all year round. He drives past my house around 2 o’clock every Sunday afternoon and there’s nothing like a choc-top soft serve to round off the weekend.

This week I had the best work experience ever. I learned how to be Mr Whippy!


The real Mr Whippy himself gave me a lesson in how to create the perfect ice cream. It’s important to be swift and sure because soft serve can become sloppy serve if you’re not quick enough.

First, fill the cone with ice cream, taking care to gently twist to achieve a nice peak.


Then, upend the cone and quickly dip the ice cream into the molten chocolate. Don’t leave it hanging too long, or your carefully constructed ice cream will fall off into the chocolate, which can be very messy. (I found this out the hard way!)


And that’s all there is to it; minimum effort = maximum gain!



PS Don’t ask me why Mr Whippy’s van said Mr Twirly on the side! Maybe they are related.


  1. You have brought back some fond childhood memories. 🙂 The ice cream van used to come round in the summer, at the weekend and every day during the school holidays. There was no soft serve ice cream, just Italian ‘gelato’ and a range of ice lollies. I liked a vanilla ice cream cone with raspberry sauce drizzled over the top.

  2. For some reason, I now have a craving for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone! (Although my standard fare is a chocolate and vanilla twist in a sugar cone!) 🙂

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