Life in the Fast Lane – Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

Dear Friends,

My favourite ride at Tokyo Disneyland was Space Mountain.


Even with my Fast Pass it took some time to get to the front of the queue, but I whiled away the time by watching as each car full of daring riders came to a screeching halt.


It took no more than a few seconds for those people to exit and the new group to climb aboard, buckle up and off they went. I counted –  four cars came in and out again every minute.


That’s a lot of people hurtling through Space.


The ride itself was so much fun, but it was super-speedy and over in a flash.

As soon as I got out I went straight round and joined the queue again.

I’m the fastest beaver in the world!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion


  1. You little dare-devil!

  2. You are brave – and also a bit of a mathematician if you counted how many cars were going per minute! I’ve tried that ride (not in Tokyo though) and once was enough for me!

    • Elaine, you have noticed my multiple talents! I actually went on the ride three times with Mrs ET. She needed me to look after her.

      • Three times?? Twice more than I could contemplate! Now, if it was Big Thunder Mountain, that would be a different story. 🙂

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