Early One Morning – Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

Dear Friends,

You’ve probably heard the saying “The early bird catches the worm.” Believe me, it’s not just an old wives’ tale. I was watching this morning as a kookaburra, out and about just as the sun rose, was looking for a tasty treat for his breakfast.


And it’s not just worms he was after. The campers down the road were cooking sausages, eggs and bacon on the barbecue and Mr Kookaburra was keeping his beady eye on them – the sausages that is, not the campers.


Luckily for the hungry campers Kookie was distracted when he spied something delicious moving in the grass.


I’ll have that leftover sausage thanks!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird


  1. I sure do like those birds, even when they wake me at some awful hour with their cheery calling.

  2. I remember how thrilled I was to see a Kookaburra when I first got to Australia. Thank you for the pictures, and this is a Perfect post for this WPC!

    • Thanks rainbow! It’s always exciting to see a kookaburra isn’t it. More importantly did you hear him laughing? It’s a magical sound. JB

  3. I hope you just had one sausage Justin, and not the eggs and bacon too, or you will be bursting out of your lederhosen! 🙂

    • Elaine, you are so kind to think of my waistline! I didn’t even get a sausage – those greedy campers ate the lot. I had to make do with some of Mrs ET’s porridge! JB

  4. Porridge? How can that possibly be a suitable substitute when someone has their eye on a tasty sausage? 😀 I think Mrs ET’s breakfast was much healthier though. 🙂

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