Bluer Than Blue

Dear Friends,

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing new talent in the world of interior design. I predict that with his eye for colour and his sense of style he will soon be in demand.

His home is the perfect showcase for his flamboyant spirit. The décor is tossed together in an artless manner yet everything blends beautifully. Blue is his signature colour and he loves to collect the pieces others discard and use them as decorations. Recycle and reuse is his motto!


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Satin Bower Bird.





  1. Aren’t birds in general, and the Bower Birds in particular, quite wonderful? Rather like beavers, come to think of it.

    JB, I’ve never told you that I grew up in Saskatchewan, and we had beavers on our farm. I loved looking at the dams they built. They might have been your forebears (or forebeavers)!

    • Why thank you Yvonne for the lovely compliment. I could be related to your beavers, although I do come from Germany. But I suspect we all come from the same family originally.

  2. I’m so happy you discovered this decorater! Isn’t he/she gorgeous? I’m sure you two enjoyed sharing building tips.

    • This is Mr Satin Bower Bird. The female is a dull green colour, not nearly as attractive. For some reason he wasn’t too pleased when I came calling and sat up high in the tree over his home. But later he came down to our campsite and was quite friendly. I think he thought Mrs ET had cake to share!

  3. I’ve seen this bird on a tv wildlife programme (probably with the wonderful David Attenborough), so it is very exciting that you have met him in real life!

  4. Pretty color on those feathers!

    • His plumage has a beautiful sheen doesn’t it. His mate, on the other hand, is a drab green colour. JB

      • Poor mate

  5. Such a beautiful bird, Justin old boy. I’m surprised that you did not try to take a bite out of him. I would like one of his pretty blue decorations as I am particularly fond of blue. Hope we have many more adventures together. Manny

    • Manny, if you tried to take one of his beautiful decorations, he would probably take a bite out of you! Best to just admire from a distance. JB

      • That doggie friend of Mrs. ET’s tried to take a bite out of me, and she was much bigger than a little satin bower, Justin. You should have seen how brave I was. 🙂

  6. Stunning birds, and I love the way each of the three different species of Bower birds decorate according to their own colour scheme. Thanks for sharing this.

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