Will The Real Christmas Tree Please Stand Up!

Dear Friends,

Once upon a time I would have said, “Seen one Christmas tree, seen ‘em all.” But that was before I noticed a strange phenomenon in the shops this year – a whole new variety of trees. I’ve been doing some research  on decorated trees and found out that these ones belong to the same species as the usual Christmas tree, with some clever adaptations designed to suit the needs of particular festive shoppers.

This is Magazinea glossius, more commonly known as the magazine tree, favoured by those who love to read.


Meet Spectaclea visionia, the glasses tree. It’s a useful tree to have around if you’re a little short sighted.


Next we have Paperus wrappii, the gift wrap tree. Add a card and a shiny bow and your presents are ready to go.


If it’s storage you’re after, you can’t go past Boxea containerus. Each tree blooms with a variety of bowls, boxes and bags and if given a little TLC they even grow piggy banks.


This more unusual specimen is Travelea bagus, the backpack tree – very handy if you’re planning a trip over the holidays.


My personal favourite is Platerea dishii. This tree is covered in delicate circular blossoms in every possible colour. It’s Mother Nature at her very best!


But I still think the nicest Christmas tree is the traditional one, with lights twinkling, ornaments sparkling and a bright shining star on top. This one was a beauty.


Best wishes to you all,





  1. These are no Christmas trees.. I mean it’s not a tree lol

  2. Justin, you are so clever! I never knew there were sooooo many kinds of Christmas trees. Have the best Christmas ever, Your buddy, Manny 🙂

    • Hi Manny! I didn’t know either until I came across them at the shops. There was a veritable forest of different kinds. Who would have thought? Happy Christmas to you and tchistorygal and V. JB

      • Thanks Justin. give Mrs. ET a beary big hug from me, and Mr. ET a firm handshake. I’ve learned how to do that now! I’m not hugging men any more. I’m growing up. 🙂

        • Mr ET said it wouldn’t be the same without a bear hug from you. Happy Christmas!

          • awwwww shucks. I’m beary honored Mr. ET. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Mom’s been so jealous since I first went over to see you. heheh I kinda like that she is a little jealous of me! :)I’m not always beary nice, but you know that! 🙂

          • Manny, we love you just as you are. Mrs ET is so excited that she is going to meet Marsha and V. And I can’t wait to have more adventures with you. JB

          • Mom can’t wait! 🙂 She’s got her calendar marked, and looking at plane tickets. I hope she remembers mine! 🙂

          • I hope so too Manny because it’s really you we are coming to see. (Don’t tell Marsha though. )

          • I heard that! I can’t press like to a comment like that!!!! 🙂 xxx ok, maybe I could, but I WON’T!! 🙂 Merry Christmas, ET 🙂

          • Oops! Marsha, we love you too!

          • 🙂 I’m going to get my mustache and green crown on. Then I’ll fit in! 🙂

  3. Justin, your Latin is excellent!

    I hope Santa knows you’ve been a good beaver this year. Merry Christmas, little fella.

    • Gratias multas Yvonne! (That’s Latin for thank you.)

      I hope Santa has been reading my letters. I could do with a new pair of lederhosen.

      Happy Christmas to you too. Have a lovely day! JB

  4. sharon roberts

    Hi Carol, Laughed out loud with this one. My favourite so far. felicem diem Nativitatis,


    • Mrs ET is very glad you enjoyed this piece about my scientific research Sharon. JB

  5. I was hoping to see you right on the top of these tress Justin! Have a great Christmas with Mrs ET!

  6. I have no idea how I missed this excellent post on Christmas Eve! I didn’t know you were an arborist. I thought all we had were pine, fir and spruce trees for Christmas so I am pleased to have been so well informed on this matter. 🙂

    • Elaine, I’m glad that you are now an expert on Christmas trees. Which one will you choose for next Christmas? JB

      • Paperus wrappii is very attractive – the colours are particularly festive, but Paterea dishii is nice too with all its beautiful blossoms.

        • Oooh yes, Platerea dishii was Mrs ET’s favourite. She was very tempted to pick one and take it home!

  7. Very creative holiday trees!

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