Too Much Monkey Business – The Sequel

Dear Friends,

Last week I was busy hunting for monkeys and this week a monkey was hunting me! Not just any monkey either. It was the monster monkey of all time – King Kong!

I had the misfortune to come across a pack of fearsome beasts and it seemed like they were all out to get me. I have never seen so many sets of deadly dentures. These creatures all had one thing on their minds – yodelling beaver for lunch!



Even though this lion was behind bars I didn’t hang around long enough to become his next meal.


No matter where I went I didn’t feel safe. I nearly ended up flat out when this elephant passed by. He just missed me. Phew!


Finally I found a quiet place to rest for a few minutes and gather my wits.


I thought I was safe – but no! I was about to become King Kong’s afternoon tea. Could this day be any more disastrous?


At the last second I was saved by the bell. The Trick Art Museum was closing and I had to leave.


So long, King Kong!




  1. Phew!

  2. What brilliant art! I bet if you were wearing boots you would have been quaking in them. 🙂

  3. JB, you are getting more creative all the time! I love this story! I couldn’t wait to to get to the end and see if you made it ok. I’m glad you did. 🙂 Manny

    • Thanks Manny and Marsha! It was a close call. No matter where I stopped there was danger close by. It was a relief when the closing bell rang. JB


  1. Deception at the Trick Art Museum | The Eternal Traveller

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