Ain’t She Sweet

Dear Friends,

Did you celebrate World Teachers’ Day on 31st October? My personal assistant The Eternal Traveller did. She says the best part of the day was the decorated cake shared by the staff at her school. Luckily it tasted better than it looked. (Mrs ET assured me it wasn’t made by a teacher.)


As you know, I’m already an expert on the art of cake consumption and this decorating disaster inspired me to add to my skills by learning more about cake decorating. So I enrolled in a weekend course, Cake Decorating 101, led by Master Cake Creator Lynne.


First I learned how to prepare my cake and cover it with fondant. Then I practised the skills needed to create the trimmings for the cake.

PicMonkey Collage

I decided to make a Christmas cake so green, red and gold were the colours I chose. Eventually, after hours of colouring, rolling, cutting, moulding, shaping, painting and taste-testing the fondant, I had assembled an artistic collection of bits and pieces.


I had no idea how all these parts would come together in an attractive  way but with Lynne’s skilful guidance and endless patience my cake was finally completed.

Isn’t it beautiful!


Who would like a piece?




  1. Great work Justin. Yes I’ll have a thick corner piece please.

    • The corner pieces are the best because the fondant is lovely and thick. Denzil, we must be kindred spirits.

  2. I share the same talent… not cake decorating, but cake consumption! The cake was truly beautiful Justin!

  3. Me! Me! ….. please. You are very clever to create a cake as professional looking as that. 🙂
    Sadly, World Teacher’s Day was not celebrated where I work, because it came at the end of our half term holiday, but then maybe a holiday is better than cake?

    • Yes, I think a holiday beats cake, but only just. It would have to be a great holiday.

      I will save you a piece of my cake and put it in the post right now!

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