Dressin’ Up

Dear Friends,

When visiting somewhere special it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion, and there could be no occasion more special than spending a day at Disneyland.

This week I went to Tokyo Disneyland! The rides were fantastic and the parades were spectacular but what I enjoyed most was the people-watching. Disney dress-ups were very popular. There were all sorts of character copies, from monsters to mice, and they all looked amazing.



If you want to have fun and look fabulous at the same time dressing up is the way to go. Here is my list of essential wardrobe items for a day at Tokyo Disneyland.

1. Mickey Mouse Gloves – These come in pairs but can be worn separately. You might find it difficult to eat your lunch while wearing them, but who needs lunch when you’re going for the Mickey look.



2. Hat – There are too many styles of Disney hat to choose just one favourite. I fancied myself in a Mickey hat but couldn’t find one in my size.




3. T-shirt – The Mouse theme continues with these colourful shirts. Wear one with a co-ordinated bow, bag or bonnet and you’ll fit right in.


4. Popcorn holder – Carry enough popcorn to last the whole day in one of these over-the-shoulder popcorn holders. My favourite was Mr Potato Head.



5. Ears – The ultimate must-have for any Disney fan, these ears come complete with a glamorous red polka dot bow and glitzy earrings.


Put all these dress-up pieces together and you’ll achieve the definitive Disney look, just like these three young Minnie lookalikes.


Aren’t they delightful?




  1. Justin, you are so delightful yourself! Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  2. I have been doing it wrong all these years! I always thought these items were for buying as souvenirs, not wearing whilst walking round a Disney park. Silly me. 😀


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