All That Glitters – Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

Dear Friends,

Have you ever spent time daydreaming about how you would spend your winnings when your lucky numbers come up? Or making plans for when Fortune unexpectedly comes knocking on your door?

I thought Lady Luck had smiled on me the day I found this enormous gold nugget just lying around in the grounds of the Royal Perth Mint.


My imaginings turned to First Class Travel with all the trimmings…


…until I found out it was gold-coloured plastic! How cruel – all my dreams faded away as quickly as they had come.

Back to Economy Class for me!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy


  1. I’ll see you there in Economy Class, JB. We’ll watch movies together.

    • That is a great plan Yvonne! If we have to do it we may as well enjoy it.

  2. What a shame it wasn’t a real nugget – perhaps it would have been worth enough to treat Mr and Mrs ET to some First Class travel too, and all your loyal friends. 🙂

    • Elaine, if that nugget had been the real thing, I would have been sending you a First Class ticket asap! In fact, I could have bought tickets for everyone I know! You can’t imagine how disappointed I was. JB

      • What a kind thought, Justin. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed that the next golden nugget you find is the real thing!

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