Brilliant Disguise

Dear Friends,

Did you know there are some clever plants out there? I’m not thinking of Triffids though – they had very unpleasant personalities. I found three plants at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore which were much nicer than triffids and far more intelligent.

Meet Sansevieria kirkii ‘Coppertone’ from Africa. The coppery tinge on its leaves make them look dead or diseased and even the hungriest herbivore would not find them appetising. Isn’t that smart!


Then there’s Lithops aka the Stone Plant. It looks just like a pile of pebbles but appearances can be deceiving. It is actually soft and juicy and full of water. Don’t give the secret away – a four-legged diner might find out.


The most interesting plant I met was Mosaic fungi, more commonly known as the Orange Tile Mushroom. There was a whole forest of them, all popping right out of the concrete, vibrant and shiny. Unlike Coppertone and Stone Plant, who want everyone to think they taste nasty, Orange Tile Mushroom definitely isn’t edible. He is just meant to be admired.


So why does the mushroom get invited to all the best parties?

Because he is a fun gi!





  1. Oh, groan at your joke, Justin. 🙂

  2. Justin’s adventures are educational for the rest of us! The pebble plant caught my attention. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! Isn’t that plant interesting. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. JB

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